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Elevate Services

Why just transform when you can ELEVATE? Rahi delivers full-lifecycle services that enable digital transformation success. Virtually every organization is undergoing a digital transformation initiative to leverage technology to enhance business processes fully. Done right, digital transformation enables organizations to achieve high productivity, customer service, and innovation. However, technology is often the impediment to digital transformation success.

Plan For Success

Rahi delivers a suite of consulting, professional, and managed services that work in concert to address these challenges. Rahi helps you optimize your technology IT environment through its ELEVATE Framework, so you’re ideally positioned for transformational success.

Find Your Solution

Rahi’s ELEVATE Framework encompasses all the activities that take place from assessment through implementation and transition to ongoing operations. The framework is flexible and fully customizable, emphasizing communication and collaboration, upfront optimization of service delivery, and continual process improvement. It enables us to develop and implement world-class solutions that precisely meet your business objectives.

Maximize Your Goals

Rahi’s ELEVATE Framework provides a model for successfully delivering services that achieve desired goals within agreed time and cost parameters. It was developed using industry standards and enhanced through years of experience working with organizations across industry sectors. A primary objective is to document existing processes and work through any unknowns prior to project initiation in order to streamline implementation and reduce risk. Tools and processes are continually optimized, and enhancements are implemented immediately to maximize their benefits.



  • Identify business and operational requirements
  • Collect and analyze data on the existing environment
  • Map applications and data (if required)
  • Produce a report with recommendations based upon customer use cases


  • Identify target workloads for migration or refactoring
  • Conduct infrastructure, operation, and architecture workshops
  • Map applications and data (if required)
  • Develop a migration plan for execution by Rahi and/or customer


  • Execute migration or implementation plan
  • Identify stakeholders to ensure escalation path
  • Perform application refactoring and data migration
  • Ensure success criteria are achieved


  • Provide a management plan for the customer’s environment
  • Create and monitor SLAs for business
  • Develop and deliver reporting and dashboards for services metrics
  • Utilize NOC and service delivery managers for on-going customer success

Rahi has ELEVATE Services teams to help you transform throughout your organization

Let Rahi and its global team help you improve service levels, reduce capital and operational expenditures, and improve business outcomes.
About Rahi
Founded in 2012, Rahi is a global IT solutions provider and systems integrator with 40+ offices worldwide and 100+ vendor neutral partners. We cover the full life cycle of IT solutions across a wide range of disciplines namely Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Managed Services and Global Services to optimize and enhance business operations.
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