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Cloud Computing

Rahi’s cloud computing services successfully integrate public, private, or hybrid cloud environments into your company’s IT infrastructure. Private clouds allow IT to become a service provider for internal customers, and removes many of the objections surrounding security in a public cloud environment. Private clouds are also effective for software development, QA and testing. 

Hybride Wolke

Das hybride Cloud-Modell ermöglicht es Organisationen, öffentliche und private Cloud-Dienste für optimale Effizienz zu kombinieren. Eine echte Hybrid-Cloud bietet eine einzige Verwaltungsschnittstelle, mit der sich Anwendungen und Dienste einfach zwischen den beiden Umgebungen verschieben lassen. Ressourcen können je nach Geschäftsanforderungen automatisch bereitgestellt werden.
Hybrid Cloud Service Provider
Cloud Service Provider & Integrator

Rahi Cloud Implementation

Rahi has expertise in designing and implementing private and hybrid cloud computing environments using new or existing infrastructure. Our team can help you select the right cloud operating and platforms, including both open source and proprietary solutions, and deploy a cloud solution that meets your project timeline and budgetary requirements. We will ensure that your cloud is elastic and extensible for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Partner mit Rahi

Organizations must maintain visibility and control of workloads across public and private cloud services in order to ensure performance. Rahi has partnered with industry leaders to provide best-of-breed cloud management tools.
Über Rahi
Rahi was founded in 2012 as a global provider of full-service IT solutions and services for companies of all industries. From design, installation, and system maintenance to logistics and managed services – we handle it all, so you don’t have to.

Rahi Systems Inc.
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Tel: +1 510 651 2205
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