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Rahi maximizes your technology resources investments by advancing the global delivery of vital compute services by creating a more agile, flexible, and cost-effective IT environment.

Maximize Opportunity

Scalable Global IT Services

Rahi offers a robust, integrated, and peerless suite of compute products and services for mission-critical business and high-density IT environments. We provide every facet of the compute life cycle from consulting, workload, and scalability assessments through service level agreements. We deliver accelerated time-to-value with each of our purposeful IT deployments.

Single-Source Integration

Rahi develops compute converged and hyperconverged infrastructures (CI and HCI) to reduce costs and complexity and simplify management. Our dynamic compute services and solutions minimize any disruption to your ongoing, mission-critical business operations. And our virtualization PaaS solutions break the physical dependence between applications and servers, maximizing scalability and flexibility.

Innovate Solutions

Rahi defines enterprise computing needs through rigorous fact-finding, profiling, and capacity planning. We are uniquely qualified to map and validate your unique business and IT requirements to optimize both your time and financial investments. Factors to consider include:

  • Legacy and Modern Application and Container Use Cases
  • Platform Extensibility and Scalability Needs
  • Migration Expectations
  • Refactoring Objectives
  • Performance Requirements
  • Timelines to Success
  • Cost Impacts and Improvements

With deep expertise in the compute ecosystem, Rahi innovates and iterates through your business, technical, and financial requirements to identify the best solution for your business.

Enterprise Compute Solutions and Services
Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructures (CI and HCI)

Deliver Globally

Our logistics team has a true global footprint. We focus on results, efficiency, and time to market. We plan for rapid implementation by matching your IT capacity and operational requirements with defined compute product and service deliverables.

Along with our proven and best-of-breed vendor partners, Rahi excel in building standardized, reliable, and on-time compute solutions. This includes:

  • Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructures (CI and HCI)
  • HPC Server Farms
  • GPU Platforms for Machine and Deep Learning
  • Edge Caching Compute Stacks for Industry 4.0 Needs
  • Cloud Virtualization and Container Platforms
  • Colocation Facility Build-Outs for Customized Compute Requirements.

We position your enterprise to navigate change and capture that next market opportunity.

Partner With Rahi

As your on-going agile compute partner, Rahi designs, configures, and optimizes enterprise computing solutions. We provide a rich portfolio of follow-on support services to maintain and adapt our world-class platform deliverables. This includes service level agreements for on-going managed services, 24×7 on-call support, and on-site resources dedicated to your developers, engineers, and application teams’ specific business needs.

Rahi is unmatched in its capacity to develop a compute strategy that reduces overhead, complexity, and cost, and we guarantee your IT environment will exceed your go-to-market.

Let Rahi and Its Global Team Help You

Let Rahi and its global team help you improve service levels, reduce capital and operational expenditures, and improve business outcomes.
About Rahi
Founded in 2012, Rahi is a global IT solutions provider and systems integrator with 40+ offices worldwide and 100+ vendor neutral partners. We cover the full life cycle of IT solutions across a wide range of disciplines namely Data Center Infrastructure, Cloud Services, IT Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Managed Services and Global Services to optimize and enhance business operations.
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Rahi Systems Inc.
48303 Fremont Blvd,
Fremont CA 94538, USA
+1 510 651 2205
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